October 10, 2011


Yeah, weather forecasts were true: yesterday seemed to be the last warm day of autumn, with sun, golden leaves and blue sky. I had several classes in the morning, so I saw the first rays of sun breaking through the clouds while driving to my university (I decided to take a car on Saturday, because it was a weekend and roads were free from traffic jams.

After my classes were over (luckily, earlier than everyone expected) I headed home, had a quick meal and then went to the park, as I decided earlier, for a walk. I don't know why I took three cameras with me, I regretted it, as they were very heavy and not comfortable to carry. Also it was almost hot (at least, I felt like it was summer, dressed all October-y), so my walk wasn't very long. I took some photographs with both digital and film cameras, but I didn't like digital ones, so I won't show you any from that day, maybe when I'll develop the film.

And today was much colder than yesterday, I woke up late and heard the rain, I've opened the window and sat on my bed, still sleepy (I guess that rain and cloudy weather do something with our brain, and also pressure changes, so we sleep more and feel drowsy), listening to its sound. Trees looked brighter, in contrast with dull sky and wet trunks and asphalt. I spent the entire afternoon watching films and drinking tea, and only around 5 pm went outside and headed to the same park I've been to yesterday. It was getting dark, and my hands were freezing, but I took some photos, saw a squirrel, but didn't take any hazelnuts from home, though I had a few. Maybe next time. This was a short stroll, as it was already evening, and in this weather it was pretty dark in the forest, so I went back home. I always enjoy this feeling of coming inside the house, so warm and light, and there's also hot tea and food! :) And here are some photographs I've taken today (digital, as I decided to take only one camera today, he-he).

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