October 6, 2012

Dogs and socks

My dog often sleeps with his tongue stuck out, and that looks ridiculous!

Lately I've been into sock knitting, at first it wasn't easy, as I wasn't familiar with all techniques and didn't have a proper "strategy" for a good sock, but I think I've finally managed to find a good formula and nice yarn. Maybe I should put some on etsy, hah. Another view is here.

October 5, 2012

On film and in my memory

I've decided to post slightly larger pictures from now on. I won't reupload previous ones (or maybe I will!), but I'll stick to this new size in the future. I don't really like those "click to enlarge" things, and I'm also lazy to upload pictures in two sizes, along with not trusting built-in resize mechanisms.

These two photographs are from Barcelona. I haven't been taking much pictures since September started, so I browse through those I've taken this summer.

It's always a little sad to think about those days, when I traveled and walked in a light dress, now that it's raining heavily outside, and trees are losing their leaves.