October 10, 2011

Raining every day

It's been dark all day, and it never stops raining, from light drizzle to cold showers, and I didn't want to go outside. I even decided to skip my last class, which was supposed to begin at 9:00, but yesterday I set my alarm on 10:15, as I thought it's going to be at 12:30.. And only in the morning I realized I was wrong, and, as it was already too late to go, even if I went right away, I woke up, had some breakfast, and spent the entire day doing nothing. It's only 7 pm here, and the light is almost gone already and the sky turned dark blue.

I feel kind of sad, as two weeks of study are over, and it feels like I don't have anything else to do. I don't have enough money to go travelling, and when I'm looking for a job, I can't find anything suitable, as most of them demand higher education (and mine isn't finished yet), or some professional skills, or years of experience. I wish I found some job at a coffee shop, or some cute clothing store, where it's not required to work 12 hours a day (how is that even possible, roaming around the hanging garments all day long?). I guess I'm too fastidious and have too much demands.

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