October 7, 2011

October has come

It's October already, and it's getting dark earlier every day, sometimes I turn the lights on at 2 am.

I've been ill (I thought I won't get that flu, but sadly I did), and I had to get better as soon as possible, because my university started on Monday next week, and it was Wednesday already. I had a fever, but fortunately I got better, and was able to attend my classes on Monday.

I haven't posted anything since then, didn't even touch a camera, because I'm quite busy now, and will be until it's over (sometime next week). I really want to take a walk in the park, collecting leaves and then putting them inside books to dry, and take some photographs, before the snow (who know when it's going to start this year, maybe early, maybe in December). October weather is really confusing, I get up in the morning and have to wear a hat as I walk to the underground, and later it's getting slightly better, but the wind is chilly, and even if the sun comes out, it's not warm any more. I hope for the next couple of days, the forecast is quite optimistic, but after that - true autumn again, with rains or drizzle, windy and cloudy. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I'm just tired, as I think of upcoming months of greyness and dullness.

I hope to update soon again!

These photos are from near out summer cottage, taken on a rainy day in August

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