December 4, 2012

Our little adventures

I've decided to post some digital photos I've made this summer, when me and my friend went for a spontaneous night walk to "the island". I call it so, but actually it's a pond which was constructed in the 17th century around a piece of land, "the island". There's a church and some tennis courts and playgrounds there, which are rarely used and look quite abandoned and unmanaged.

The weather was quite cold that night, but we went there anyway. It was a little scary, but exciting, we laid down on our backs, on the grass, and stared at the sky, and then went around the whole park. The thing is, one part of it is well lit, and another is completely dark, the road goes under the trees, there were some little ponds, fallen branches and plenty of dirt on it, so first we decided to climb up onto the football field, which borders the road. I thought we could go across it and exit through the gate, which turned out to be closed. We heard some stray dogs barking somewhere behind us, and it was the scary part. I'm not afraid of dogs in general, but those could be protecting their territory.

So we had to brace ourselves and go back, giggling nervously and making jokes about this weird adventure. Soon we got back on that road, very dark, so we couldn't see a thing. I've turned on the flash on my mobile, and we walked very fast, with this jumping light guiding us.. The adrenaline spiked again, but it was a good feeling, because sometimes a little bit of shaking up is needed. Finally, we got back to where we entered - the bridge across the pond (the second, leading to the football field, was on the other side), and rushed home.

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