July 22, 2012

Barcelona, pt. II

I've finally decided to post the rest of the mobile photos from my Barcelona trip. Tottaly forgot about the rest, shame on me..

All those amazing bakeries around the city - I enjoyed baguettes, croissants, pies, sandwiches and other tasty things!

A beautiful romantic square in the middle of the Old city - the light was perfect, coming through the leaves of big acacias, and the the wind blew and the petals started falling down, like a snow. Oh.

Another view of a subway - minimalistic and clean.

Inside Museu de les Arts Decoratives, which is situated in the Palau Reial de Pedralbes, it has a wonderful collection of European decorative arts, from Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. One the right is Chair BKF, created by Grupo Austral in 1938-39, and two anti-fascist propaganda posters behind it. I liked this place, I think it's one of the Barcelona's museums worth visiting.

And this is a part of Museu Tèxtil i d’Indumentària, which has an interesting concept of telling the story of fashion garments by explaining the purpose of clothing throughout the periods of history, how the shapes changed, from corsets and full skirts to relaxed style of 1920s and modern textiles.

Just a street view.

Plaça de Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer with his monument and some funny owl on top of the building.

I wish I didn't live in a hostel, otherwise I would definitely buy some fresh flowers for my room. What a selection!

Near Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.

And the last picture is a view on a terrace of the hostel I was staying in, really nice. Unfortunately, most of the days it got closed after 10pm, but the were some exceptions, and I enjoyed sitting there quite often.

So, I'm finished with the snapshots, and I have other pictures coming, which I shot with my film camera. Hope it won't take me months to upload them, as it usually happens.. Anyway, I have some other things I'd like to post until that.

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