July 5, 2012

Barcelona, pt. I

I've had a little trip to Barcelona not so long ago (18-26 of June). I went there almost right after my birthday. I wouldn't say that it's the best place I've ever been to, but there were interesting places and people worth knowing. I've shot two and a half rolls of film there - not much, but at least something. I haven't developed and scanned them yet, so I thought I'd share some snapshots from my mobile (it's becomes a tradition - first time was with Saint-Petersburg).

I've had a connecting flight to Barcelona, with a short stop at Munich.
This man was sitting in the street with this wonderful musical box, ingenious and charming.

I really loved all those trees in the city, especially blossoming acacias..
..and sycamores.
There were plenty of scooters and all kind of motorbikes, apart from simple bikes.
The underground is quite complicated, but I got used to it. Most of the trains have air conditioning, but some stations don't, and it can be hotter there than on the surface.
One day I went to look at the port, and I loved how this sculpture of steel looks against the darkening sky and red traffic lights.
There were also some nice graffiti and bottle trees (you can't really see it, though).
Unusually empty underground train.
One of the museums and art galleries I went to was CaixoForum, but I liked the building more than the exposition.

The second part is coming soon!

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