August 10, 2012

A few words about music

Music comes to me like sea waves. There are days when I barely turn it on, because everything seems too familiar, or wrong, or too simple, or even irritating. But then this period is over, and here comes a big wave, rushing towards me, and we are eager to meet each other. It resonates with my mood perfectly, I can't stop being amazed by beautiful tunes, great sound, lyrics and feelings they revives. I find new bands, rediscover some old loves, and it's so great! I'm very grateful to the internet, mostly because it allows me to find so many wonderful artists I'd never have had an opportunity to listen to just because their records come in limited editions, or they're unpopular in a country I live in. It's possible to find rare recordings, live videos, EPs and collaborations, and that's like a big ocean of sounds you can dive in to find a beautiful treasure once in a while. That is something about me and music.

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